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Aug 28, 2016

On today's show we speak to Riki Ellison from the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance about the latest round of North Korean missile tests. Has relaxed US policy allowed the kid dictator to develop even more effective nuclear missiles?
Then Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit movement, spoke at a rally for Donald Trump. Farage likened the Brexit movement to The Donald’s candidacy. We speak to our Euro voices about the parallels between Trump and Brexit.
Finally, we speak to a member of Iraqi Parliament about the latest move to recapture Iraq’s second largest city. Voice to America has reported on this for months, wondering if and when Mosul would be liberated from ISIS.

Aug 21, 2016

Good morning Voice to America fans!
We’re investigating Obama’s 400 million dollar payment to Iran. This week the American public discovered the money was tied directly to the hostage release. We speak to our Iranian voice Hooshang about what this means for the Iran nuke deal and current sanction policies.
Then we’re Turkey-bound where Vice President Biden will be negotiating the possible extradition of Gulen, the man Turkish president Erdogan says ignited the attempted coup in Turkey earlier this summer. Now that the US government is paying ransoms, maybe it’s time we start extraditing people just because other governments say so.
And finally we’ll get a global reaction to the now infamous Olympic swimmer bathroom pit stop.

Aug 14, 2016

Is America a dangerous place to visit? Increasingly, foreign nations are issuing travel warnings for the U.S. Gun violence, police violence, racial violence, Islamophobia, anti-gay behavior, zika. . .the list gets longer each week. Hear from people outside America if they think the warnings are legit. Also, we talk to Oguz in Istanbul about Erdogan's ultimatum to Obama. Are Turkey and the US about to divorce?

Aug 7, 2016

Today we focus on the media circus that is Khizr Khan. You remember, the man who spoke at the DNC about losing his son in the military? Well, after a whirlwind US media tour, he is making the rounds in the Middle East. We'll speak to a Pakistani about his reception overseas and what this may mean for Donald Trump.
Then we'll dig into the latest Iran controversy: Did Obama really pay a $400,000,000 ransom to the mullahs? We speak to an Iranian voice about how this story is playing out in his home country and if the Iranian government is still, as Obama puts it, "trustworthy."