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Sep 25, 2016

This Monday, Trump and Hillary take the stage during the first of three presidential debates. Most Americans can predict the questions that will be asked by the US media, but what questions does the world want to ask the candidates? We ask our voices to weigh in; and depending on where they are from, some questions may surprise you.
Then we discuss last week's terror attacks with VTA terror analyst Tawfik. How could the FBI ignore the calls from a father who is worried his son was radicalized? Tawfik recovered from radicalization and has a few common sense steps the US government can take to prevent another Islamic terror attack.

Sep 18, 2016

Last night, five bombs were found in New York City and New Jersey, then a knife attack in Minnesota, all within hours of each other. Is this the work of ISIS, a local terrorist group or something else entirely? We speak to voices in Europe, where terror attacks like these are commonplace and find out how they affect day-to-day life
Then we discuss the not-so-ceasefire in Syria, where the US military bombed what they thought were ISIS fighters. Unbeknownst to the US, the targeted soldiers were actually Syrian troops and the Russians are not happy. We speak to our Turkish voice and get his take on the latest ceasefire blunder.

Sep 11, 2016

This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 and we’re speaking to the very first Voice to America voice, Rashed on the Afghan-Pakistan border. We’ll find out what he remembers about that time along with what has changed for him after a fifteen-year war on terror.
Then we do our best to answer Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s question, “What is Aleppo?” We’ll speak to our Syrian voice about the latest ceasefire. Is this the real one or just another shallow agreement?
And finally, what show would be complete without Kim Jong Un? Yes, the kid dictator must feel left out of the global news spotlight, so why not launch another nuke?

Sep 4, 2016

Mexican president Pena Nieto invited the US candidates for a visit to Mexico. Donald Trump accepted but Hillary declined. Is this visit the reason for Trump’s climb in the polls? We’ll speak to our Mexican voices and find out what their reactions were to the Donald going South of the border.
Also, Obama was at the G20 conference but instead of getting the hero’s welcome, Obama was snubbed by the Chinese. They didn’t offer him the red carpet or stairs he is used to, forcing the President to exit the ass of the aircraft. What was China’s reasoning behind such a cold greeting? We’ll get a Turkish perspective on the latest presidential diss.