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Oct 29, 2017

The Spanish government is starting a crackdown in Catalonia, arresting political opponents while pro-Spain protestors take to the street. Catalonia's government officially declared independence from Spain earlier this week and the Spanish government answered by arresting political opponents. Catalan leaders called the Spanish response an attack on "the institutions and the people of Catalonia” and compared it to the Franco-era dictatorship. We speak to our voice in Spain and find out if Spain will be able to keep itself together. Then we're off to Saudi Arabia where Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the future Saudi king, says he wants his country to turn to "moderate Islam." What is moderate Islam? Why is Saudi royalty proclaiming a change in a country that currently has police enforce religious ideals? We'll speak to voices in the Middle East about what a secular shift will do to Saudi Arabia and the region. Finally, in our Change is Hard segment, what happened to the gray area? If you agree with one view, do you have to be diametrically opposed to every other opinion? We'll listen to a great example of how the elusive gray area threw a journalist for a loop. And you'd better agree with Tony or else he'll play the stinger again.

Oct 22, 2017
ISIS has been defeated in Raqqa, Syria and the US government is claiming to have defeated ISIS yet again. Is the caliphate destroyed or is the terrorist organization going to regroup someplace else? What does the victory in Raqqa mean for the rest of the region? We'll travel to Syria and speak to our voice about what actually occurred in the battle for Raqqa and if the US was responsible for flushing out ISIS. Then, a man calling himself the Czech Trump is now the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. What does his victory mean for the Czechs and the rest of Europe? We'll speak to our European voice and learn if the anti-establishment fervor in the Czech Republic could become contagious. Finally, we're headed to Niger where four American soldiers were killed during an ambush by Boko Haram, an Islamic terror group. What were soldiers doing in Niger? We speak to our African voice about the American mission in Africa and why it's important.
Oct 15, 2017

He's been talking about it since before the 2016 election and this week President Trump decertified the Iran Nuclear Deal. What does it mean for the future of Iran's nuclear program? Last week, Iran's foreign minister told Al Jazeera that sanctions don't work, so how does the US plan on keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran? We speak to another Iranian voice and ask him what Iran's response will be. Then we're headed to Spain where a divide has turned into a chasm over Catalonia. The Catalan leader made statements claiming Catalonia's independence, then took the statements back shortly after. What would a divided Spain mean for the future of the EU? We reached out to our Spanish voice and find out if the Spanish government has any recourse after Catalonia's historic election. Finally, the Pakistani government worked with the US to return an Americans held hostage in rural Pakistan. Even President Trump was impressed with the collaboration. Our Pakistani voice says they will always help the United States as long as they're asked, but has that always been the case?

Oct 8, 2017

In the wake of last week's mass shooting in Las Vegas, the world weighs in on America's firearm policies. Tony speaks to our European voices about the attack and aftermath. Europe considers the US to be the wild wild West. Why? Because Europe has some of the strictest firearm laws in the Western world. Do they think their rigid gun laws are having any effect on the terrorist attacks they're seeing on a weekly basis? Does Europe have anything to teach us when it comes to gun control?
Finally, we're off to Iran to discuss the future of the Iran Nuclear Deal. What happens if President Trump pulls out of what many consider to be the Obama Administration's greatest achievement in foreign policy? We'll speak to voices in the region about how the Iranian government will handle the possible termination of the deal. What will Iran do if the treaty is cut, will it make any difference? What options do they have? Did the Iranians even stick to the agreement to begin with?

Oct 1, 2017

Today in Catalonia, the small area on the southern coast of Spain, erupted in violence. Police took to the street in a last ditch effort to prevent people in the region from heading to the polls. We'll speak to our Spanish voice about what's really going on in the streets and what a vote for independence really means for the future of Spain and the EU. Will the Spanish government really honor a vote to secede? Then, another terror attack in Marseille, France only hours ago claimed the lives of two women in a train station before police shot the suspect. Also, in Edmonton another terror attack with a vehicle put one police officer and four others in the hospital. We'll check in with our voices and find out how the media in those regions are covering the story. Finally, President Trump is opening up communications with The Kid Dictator. Is the president slipping backward into the old "don't cross this line please" mentality or is he planning something entirely different?

Sep 24, 2017

The NFL heads to London and takes a knee. Will Europe embrace American social justice? We've already discussed European social justice after the passing of Brexit, but will they take a group of well-paid athletes seriously? We'll speak to Mark in Europe and find out if they're ready for American social justice across the pond. We also speak to Mark about the German elections. Does anyone have a chance of dethroning the "new leader of the free world?" Keep this in mind Germany: change is hard. Then, President Trump speaks at the UN, which is conveniently located right down the street from Trump tower. This time he doubled down on the Rocket Man taking a hard line stance against the Kid Dictator and Iran. We'll speak to our resident missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out what Trump's message actually means and what the US needs to do to fix the problem. And we'll speak to our Iranian voice about Trump's remarks at the UN where he spoke about the Iran Nuclear Deal. He called the deal a failure...again, so what does Iran do? That's right, test a ballistic missile.

Sep 17, 2017

Social Justice isn't just for Americans anymore! On today's global media spotlight, we've got an interview between one of the founders of Twitter and the BBC. Did Twitter succeed in actually making the planet dumber? Australia is where the latest social justice craze is sweeping the continent. Is a national holiday so offensive that it needs to be removed from the calendar? We speak to a new voice in Australia and find out if most of the country is in-tune with social justice. Then we're talking climate change after a star studded telethon to help the victims of the hurricanes, Stevie Wonder says you're blind if you don't believe that climate change is real. We'll also hear a report about the Canadian government investigating groups that refuse to submit to the idea that climate change is man made. Then, the Trump administration has taken another step forward with North Korea, this time he's gone from diplomacy to the Defense Department. What will the Pentagon do to curb the Kid Dictator's missile advancements? Our resident missile defense expert Riki Ellison calls in to discuss what the Pentagon may do to halt Kim Jong Un's missile tests.

Sep 10, 2017

Today we're focusing on the global media's handling of the American hurricane season. Mother Nature is mad at the election Trump, so she sent hurricanes? One Oxford professor says the world needs to make companies pay for climate change because money solves everything. You won't want to miss the Global Media Spotlight special.

Did you know about the magnitude 8.1 earthquake in Mexico? If you've been watching American TV you probably didn't. We speak to Jorge in Mexico about Irma, climate change and find out how the Mexican people are dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and tropical storm Katia. Why didn't the American media cover the quake?

Get your windbreakers, umbrellas and loose-fitting ball caps ready, we're going to a live report from the eye of the storm that is Change is Hard. Jennifer Lawrence nearly lost her composure in an interview on British TV because of the impact Trump has had on the weather. Then we check in with everyone's favorite underdog, Hillary Clinton. She's resurfaced yet again and you'll be shocked to hear all the regular people stuff she did to feel better after she lost the election.

Sep 3, 2017

If sending a missile over Japan wasn't bad enough, the Kid Dictator tested another bomb this week. This time it's reported to be a thermonuclear weapon so large, it caused an artificial earthquake. It took the US seven years to make the jump from atomic to thermonuclear; how is North Korea advancing so quickly? President Trump meets with military leaders this morning to discuss how the US is to proceed. We check in with resident missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out what Trump's next move needs to be. Riki is usually dead-on when it comes to what North Korea and the US will do next, you won't want to miss this interview. Then, we're headed to Tehran to check in on the Iran Nuclear Deal. After two years, how has the Trump dubbed "worst deal ever" worked out? Could this be a blueprint of how to deal with North Korea? Finally, we've traveled around the world to bring you global coverage of Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the devastation and loss of American lives, the corporate media was busy calling out the first lady for her choice of footwear, but what did the global media blame? New listeners may be shocked, but VTA fans won't be surprised.

Aug 27, 2017

The kid dictator launched three ballistic missiles into the ocean on Friday, signaling that the "fire and fury" US response has had no effect on Kim Jong Un's missile tests. We speak to resident missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out if these tests correlate with the collision of an oil tanker and the USS John S. McCain.
Then, in our Global Media Spotlight we're headed to Afghanistan, where President Trump's Af-Pak plan is set to take effect. Is Trump's attempt to end the war in Afghanistan something different or the same old plan instituted by Obama and Bush more than sixteen years ago?
And finally, Angela Merkel, the press-dubbed "new leader of the free world," has a challenger in the German election scheduled for September 24th. We speak to Mark in Europe about how the media is covering what was set to be a very important election. Does challenger Martin Schulz have a chance at defeating Merkel?

Aug 20, 2017

An ISIS group is taking credit for multiple attacks across Spain that left over 14 people dead and over 100 injured. What implications does this attack have for security in Spain? How is the EU handling these latest attacks? We'll head into Barcelona and speak to our newest voice there to find out how a terrorist cell was able to pull off the largest attack in Spain's history.
Then, President Trump is about to release a new plan to deal with the war in Afghanistan. What will his plan entail? We speak to our voice in Pakistan and find out what provisions he thinks need to be implemented in order to ensure some level of success in ending the longest war in US history.
Then we're headed abroad where the foreign corporate media covered the Charlottesville riots all last week. Some pundits even tried to say the Spain attacks were somehow inspired by last week's events. We'll break apart foreign coverage and put their tactics up for display in our Global Media Spotlight.

Aug 16, 2017

The N Korean missile crisis has captured the attention of the entire world. Find out how not only the U.S. is dealing with it, but how Europe is being affected. Mark also explains how Germany publicly claims to be in favor of clean energy while secretly colluding to promote the combustion engine. Mark and Tony review the film “Dunkirk.”

Aug 13, 2017

The American corporate media are freaking about nuclear North Korea and a hotheaded response from the White House. Is it really as bad as everyone says it is? We've been covering the peewee protagonist since before he got the bomb and the methods he's using are nothing new. We speak to resident missile expert Riki Ellison and find out if we should duck and cover or balk at the hysteria caused by reality journalism.
Then, President Trump says we're losing the fight in Afghanistan. To halt the lack of winning, the United States is ready to release soldiers of fortune in Afghanistan. Private warfare is one of the oldest professions and lest we forget companies like Blackwater, which took center stage in Iraq. We'll speak to our Afghani voice and find out if there are any benefits to unleashing the all-mighty dollar on our adversaries.
Then we dive head first into the latest terrorist attack in France via the Global Media Spotlight. If an attack happens overseas and nobody dies, does it make a sound? We'll learn how the French are dealing with more terrorism on home soil.
Finally You'll want to tune in to the Change is Hard live stream for the first ever Voice to America Who Wore It Better. Kim Jong Un defends his throne against copycats, will he come out the victor? Also, Jeffrey Lord was fired from CNN for a Twitter argument where he called his opposition Hitler with a "seig heil." This proves that anti-Trumpers are the only people allowed to say, "You're literally Hitler." Isn't Lord the guy Anderson Cooper said would defend a Trump dump on a desk?

Aug 6, 2017

This morning we're headed to South America where a coup attempt has taken place in Venezuela. After an months of protests and a constitutional election, it seems like the people have had enough of Nicolas Maduro. This morning, a Venezuelan army base has been taken over by a group of anti-Maduro soldiers. We'll find out if the violence is as bad as the clips on social media show it to be.
Then, we're going South of the border after another White House leak. This time it's the transcript of President Trump and Mexican president Pena Nieto speaking shortly after Trump was sworn in. It's not particularly interesting and mostly resembles the same thing Trump has been saying for over two years. We'll speak to Jorge in Mexico and discover how the government there is dealing with it.

Jul 30, 2017

Well, it's officially time to panic, the Kid Dictator can reach out and touch Chicago. How is North Korea able to build missiles and increase their range so fast? As the ICBM threat looms over the US, President Trump says China is doing nothing to help stop the bowl-cut menace. We speak to resident missile defense expert Riki Ellison this morning and find out what he thinks the solution is.
And earlier this week, the British government says it aims to eliminate "petrol" cars from the new car market by 2040. The French already made a similar proclamation, but are citizens really going to turn in their petrol and diesel cars for a Tesla or Leaf? We speak to Mark in France calls the show and reveals that he is a part of the greenhouse gas problem, he drives a diesel truck... in Europe.
Finally, tune in to our Facebook live stream at the top of the second hour to see something truly spectacular: Tony will be in studio with the champion great white shark that raced and beat Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

Jul 30, 2017

The governments in France and The UK are banning gas cars. The politicians believe electric cars are the future of transport. Find out if this is realistic, if this would be a good idea for the U.S., and if Mark will trade in his big-ass diesel pickup truck for Nissan Leaf.

Jul 23, 2017

Things are looking a bit shaky in Poland as President Duda gets ready to sign a bill putting the ruling party president in control of the Polish supreme court. Didn't Trump just come back from giving a speech in Poland where he called them a defender of western values? If Duda signs the bill, what will it mean for the Polish people and the rest of Europe? We have a new voice from Gdansk, Poland so tune in to hear her take on the controversial political move.
Then we're headed to Venezuela where a constitutional election is set for a vote in a week. President Maduro says he is trying to restore peace in a country that has only gotten more dangerous and violent in the recent past but protestors say it's a blatant power grab. What happens if Maduro gets his wish? We speak to our South American voice and find out what this constitutional election really means for the citizens of Venezuela.
And finally, although you probably didn't hear much about it, Congress was busy drafting new sanctions for Iran and countries friendly to Iran, mainly Russia and North Korea. Why is this of importance to the US and what does it mean for the Iranian people? We'll speak to our Iranian voice and discover what, if anything, these new sanctions will accomplish.

Jul 16, 2017

This week, the president traveled to France for Bastille Day. We wouldn't have guessed that Macron would ever invite Donald Trump to their celebration, but it seems the French may have softened a little bit. What gives? After a red carpet roll out and extravagant gala, will they go back to hating him? We'll check with our voices in the region an find out if France really has come to accept The Donald.
Then, in a Voice to America special report, Trump Jr. is pressured by The New York Times into releasing emails. Is this the Hail Mary the corporate media has been waiting for and why did it take this long to become public? Is this real reporting or another polarizing distraction for the American media?
In the Change is Hard segment, reality journalists flip as Kellyanne Conway takes to the airwaves with... Props? Who knew flash cards were so offensive? Obviously, she watches our live stream each Sunday and came to the same conclusion we did: if you want the public to understand what you're trying to say, the more simple and nonsensical you can be, the better.

Jul 9, 2017

The Iraqi government has slain the ISIS dragon with their victory in Mosul. But have they truly killed the caliphate? We speak to Iraqi voices on the ground, including a member of the Iraqi parliament, and find out if their claims are really true. And now that ISIS is "defeated" what is Iraq asking of the United States?
Then, the US prepares for a true test of the THAAD system against a real ICBM. We speak to our missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out if the THAAD system will do anything to deter the world's favorite fanatical fascist. Was the latest ICBM test by Kim Jong Un the straw that broke the camels back or is this another flex of US military technology muscle?
And finally, a lot has happened this week as President Trump made his way to Poland and the G20. We'll head into Europe and get reactions about the president's meeting with Vladimir Putin and Trump's "America first" approach to climate change.

Jul 2, 2017

This week, the Iraqi government declared that ISIS has been defeated in Mosul. Is it true or just another round of propaganda aimed at showing progress during Battle Mosul. We'll head into Iraq and find out if the Iraqi people believe the terrorist group is truly gone from their country.
Then, Putin and Trump meet at the G20 summit this week and the reality journalists will be there in force. We already know they're going to start chanting collusion, but what do the Russian people think? We head into Russia and discover what the Russian public has to say.
Finally, Trump issues a red line in Syria. Is this a real red line or an Obama red line? Will the Assad regime respond to Trump the same way they responded to the former commander-in-chief? We head into Syria and speak to voices on the ground about the latest ultimatum.

Jun 25, 2017

This week's news has been dominated by everyone's favorite kid dictator Kim Jong Un. If watching the 1990's Chicago Bulls equivalent of Kim Kardashian go on vacation wasn't bad enough, the North Koreans decided to return a barely breathing Otto Warmbier. Even though Rodman says the supreme leader-in-chief is a "misunderstood nice guy," the US public is furious. We speak to our North Korean expert Riki Ellison and find out the reasoning behind Warmbier's return was and what he thinks Trump's next move will be.
Then, the crisis in Qatar continues as the nation's neighbors make demands and Qatar refuses. The demands include closing the largest Arab-based news network, Al Jazeera. We speak to Kareem in Egypt about his experiences with the Qatari global news giant and why he thinks the sanctions are a necessary measure.
In the Change Is Hard segment, the US media is still hot on the case of the Russian threat. This time Obama is back in the spotlight for knowing about Putin's attempt to "meddle" in the US election and doing nothing about it. This is nothing new, this is what VTA and the Russians came to expect from the former president. Remember the line in the sand? We already knew Obama would never make good on his threats, so why is this revelation so groundbreaking?

Jun 18, 2017

This week, Battle Mosul is in full swing and it's reached a very critical point. What are American and Iraqi forces doing to secure victory over ISIS? Also, the Russians claim to have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an air strike late last week. We'll speak to a member of Iraq's parliament about the death of Baghdadi and find out what exactly is happening in the battle for Mosul.
Then, Trump takes aim at Cuba and imposes new-old restrictions aimed at stopping the Castro family. We'll speak to a Cuban voice and find out if Trump's plan will help make the relationship between Cuba and the US "beneficial for both nations."
Remember to tune in on Facebook Live! during the top of the second hour for the Change is Hard part of the program. This week, Megyn Kelley starts her new gig at NBC doing "real journalism" but Infowars host Alex Jones has other plans. And CNN is at it again, making their hosts into news stories, that's the hard-hitting journalism we've come to expect from cable news.

Jun 11, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're delving into the snap election that cost the Conservative Party the majority in the British Parliament. Will Theresa May's own party hang her out to dry? We'll speak to our voices in the UK and Europe, the same voices that predicted this would happen.
Then, Middle Eastern countries call Qatar out for being the main supporter of terrorism. Is this true or is the pot calling the kettle black? Right now, Iran is sending aid to the gulf state. We'll speak to Kareem in Egypt and find out if the sanctions are warranted or if the other nations are using Qatar as a scapegoat.
And finally, former FBI Director James Comey testified this week, sparking a media circus as American news agencies hoped to hear Comey link Trump with Russia. Too bad that didn't work out, but how is the media manipulating the story to fit the narrative that the evil Russians are behind Trump's presidency?

Jun 9, 2017

 Theresa May’s election gamble goes terribly wrong. Mark predicted it, and tells us what this result means for Brexit, the future of Europe, and the unraveling of the elites.

Jun 4, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're headed back to the United Kingdom. After last week's bombing in Manchester and this week's terror attack on the London Bridge and Borough Market, the British prime minister is finally denouncing safe spaces for Islamic extremism. But which pariah has been saying those words for over two years? Do these attacks signal the end of political correctness in the UK or is the PM using rhetoric to win the election next week? We speak to Mark in Europe and get his two cents on the latest attacks and what the British government is doing to prevent the next one.
Then, Trump's team targets the torpid tiny dictator with a missile test of its own. Not to be outdone, the Kid Dictator says the interceptor can't stop a "rain of missiles." Our missile defense expert Riki Ellison was on the ground during the event and we'll find out if the latest missile umbrella is up to the task.
What VTA show would be complete without the bumbling sideshow that is domestic and foreign popular media. In France it appears that the worst thing the US could ever do is leave the Paris Climate Agreement. Now that the US is out of the club, what will the world do? And finally, the crack production team at Voice to America has sifted through hours of groveling and blame to bring you the tragic fall of Hollywood icon Kathy Griffin.

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