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Jun 11, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're delving into the snap election that cost the Conservative Party the majority in the British Parliament. Will Theresa May's own party hang her out to dry? We'll speak to our voices in the UK and Europe, the same voices that predicted this would happen.
Then, Middle Eastern countries call Qatar out for being the main supporter of terrorism. Is this true or is the pot calling the kettle black? Right now, Iran is sending aid to the gulf state. We'll speak to Kareem in Egypt and find out if the sanctions are warranted or if the other nations are using Qatar as a scapegoat.
And finally, former FBI Director James Comey testified this week, sparking a media circus as American news agencies hoped to hear Comey link Trump with Russia. Too bad that didn't work out, but how is the media manipulating the story to fit the narrative that the evil Russians are behind Trump's presidency?

Jun 9, 2017

 Theresa May’s election gamble goes terribly wrong. Mark predicted it, and tells us what this result means for Brexit, the future of Europe, and the unraveling of the elites.

Jun 4, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're headed back to the United Kingdom. After last week's bombing in Manchester and this week's terror attack on the London Bridge and Borough Market, the British prime minister is finally denouncing safe spaces for Islamic extremism. But which pariah has been saying those words for over two years? Do these attacks signal the end of political correctness in the UK or is the PM using rhetoric to win the election next week? We speak to Mark in Europe and get his two cents on the latest attacks and what the British government is doing to prevent the next one.
Then, Trump's team targets the torpid tiny dictator with a missile test of its own. Not to be outdone, the Kid Dictator says the interceptor can't stop a "rain of missiles." Our missile defense expert Riki Ellison was on the ground during the event and we'll find out if the latest missile umbrella is up to the task.
What VTA show would be complete without the bumbling sideshow that is domestic and foreign popular media. In France it appears that the worst thing the US could ever do is leave the Paris Climate Agreement. Now that the US is out of the club, what will the world do? And finally, the crack production team at Voice to America has sifted through hours of groveling and blame to bring you the tragic fall of Hollywood icon Kathy Griffin.

May 28, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're delving into the latest terror attack in Britain. How did British officials miss all the red flags? London's mayor said terror attacks are "Part and parcel of big city life." Was security doing all it could to protect the people or were they ignore the signs that a large attack was imminent? We'll speak to our terror expert Tawfik Hamid and find out where they went wrong and what needs to be done to prevent this kind of attack from happening again. The question is, will officials listen to people like Tawfik?
Then, President Trump returns from his first overseas trip as president. We'll speak to Mark in Europe and backtrack Trump's trek to find out how people in Europe think the new president did.
And finally, in the Change is Hard segment, our old friend Billy Bush is taking the apology tour. He is so sorry that he did what any of us would do if we lost our job with a multi-million dollar severance package: walk on hot coals with Tony Robbins.

May 25, 2017

How did terrorists once again elude security and strike a concert hall in the UK? Why are the US and UK now fighting over the investigation? Is Trump charming the world on his big trip? Mark offers a vital Euro perspective, and Tony offers an American take on these quickly unfolding global stories.

May 21, 2017

This week we're starting in the Middle East where President Trump just delivered a speech in Saudi Arabia. After speaking to "all Muslims" as Obama did, we learn Trump's plans for Iran. What does this speech mean for the future of Iran and the region? We speak to Kamran, our Iranian voice, and get his take on the Trump trip. Also, was the most important part of the appearance Ivanka and Melania going hijab-less?
I guess you could skip this part but surprise! Kim Jong Un fired another missile. Is there an endgame to this or is he launching missiles because he can?
CNN sends their heavy hitters up to bat for the status quo. Fareed "B.S." Zakaria and Anderson "Pooper" Cooper are aiming for the stands in the world series of reality journalism After last week's two scoop tussle and Anderson's eye roll, CNN has lowered the bar again to desk defecation. Is an Oprah wannabe playing journalist supposed to raise the credibility of the mainstream media?
Finally, we look into the WikiLeaks dump on Macron. It appears the "blame the messenger" strategy employed by the Democrats here in America actually worked in France. What does this say about the French? Is the public purposely ignoring the data dump or are the constant denial and Russia blame game actually working?

May 20, 2017

Trump embarks on his 1st foreign trip as pressure builds surrounding the Russia investigation. Mark says Euro media are framing Trump’s visit in gloom-and-doom terms. Tony wants to know why no media are reporting on the hack into French president Macron’s campaign.

May 14, 2017

Today, we're headed into North Korea, where in a shocking turn of events, everyone's favorite bowl-cutted leader has successfully fired a missile. This time the missile made it into the target. What does this mean for the region now that his latest model missile is operational? We'll speak to missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out Trump needs do now that the kid dictator has a working missile.
Then we're setting off for Iran for an election, but this time there's no Trump look alike. We'll speak to our Iranian voice Hooshang about who the people want, then we'll discover what the people will get. Plus, what does this mean for the nuclear deal signed by Obama?
And finally, the most important and earth-shattering part of today's show: How many scoops of B&R should the president be allowed to have? We get twelve experts in studio for an enthralling, world-changing debate. Listen as our experts compare Trump's ice cream inhalation to Merkel, Macron, Putin and Kim Jong Un. If you remember, Nixon used to get three scoops at bedtime, is that a coincidence? I think not!

May 7, 2017

The French elections are today and we'll be checking in with Mark in Europe as the polls close. Will the French be able to make a change or will they stick with the establishment, non-establishment Macron? Even the U.S. is getting involved, Trump endorsed Le Pen and Obama endorsed Macron. And who said the Russians were the only ones meddling in foreign elections?
Then we're headed to Israel to speak with Margot about Trump's first foreign trip since taking office. Can he really, as he put it, easily broker a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians? What do Israelis think of Trump's statements after meeting with Palestinian leaders?

May 5, 2017

The populist movement is up for vote in France. Find out who voters favor in the run-up. Is the front-runner really married to his school teacher?

Apr 30, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're headed across the Pacific to everyone's favorite pint-sized paranoid despot, Kim Jong Un. Yes, the kid dictator has fired another dud. But we've seen all the other successful tests, so why are their latest missiles falling from the sky? We call on our missile defense expert RIki Ellison once again as tensions between North Korea and China become even more heated. What is the final game plan and what will Trump need to do to make sure North Korea's nuclear program is contained?
As we like to say here at Voice to America, change is hard. But do the French have what it takes to take the leap into something new? We'll report the latest from French popular media, I'm sure you'll be surprised at which candidate they're backing.

Apr 23, 2017

The French head to the polls today, will Marine Le Pen signal the end for the European Union as we know it? The polls close at 11:00 a.m. Phoenix time. We'll speak to Mark in France, the other half of VTA Presents: Across The Pond Podcast, and find out if he thinks Le Pen has a chance. Do you remember November 7, 2016 when the American popular media was sure Trump had no chance?
Then, the UK prime minister has called for a snap election in June after saying she wouldn't hold any surprise snap elections. Why did she reverse her stance on snap elections? What will this election mean for Brexit?
Finally, the Taliban is back and the US military in Afghanistan wants Trump to send more men into the fight. We'll speak to our voice there about the latest attack and find out if a troop surge is what's needed.

Apr 21, 2017

Mark tells Tony what the mood is in France for Sunday's elections. Will Le Pen win? Also, Turkey votes to give Erdogan dictatorial-like powers. Bad news for Europe.

Apr 16, 2017

There is no shortage of news this Easter weekend. The Mother of All Bombs strikes ISIS, a North Korean missile test flopped and a Turkish referendum have made for a jam-packed show.
We're headed to the Korean DMZ this morning and track down our missile defense analyst Riki Ellison. We want to know what really happened at the missile test yesterday. What did the pint-sized Glorious Leader attempt to achieve with this latest stunt? We'll delve into the test and get Riki's reasoning behind why he says it's a victory for the Trump Administration.
Then we're going to Turkey, where a referendum is underway that could give President Erdogan sweeping power over the Turkish government. We'll speak to voices in the region about the latest power grab and what it means for Turkey and the world if Erdogan gets his wish.
And finally, US/Russia relations are at a low point. How can this be when reality journalists like Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow say Trump and Putin are best buddies? Yuri joins us for a Russian perspective on the last two weeks of military action and what it means for both countries.

Apr 9, 2017

Trump takes action in the middle east and he isn't following the Obama Administration's "red line" approach. But attacking Syrian targets and Tillerson talking about regime change is a major flip-flop for the Trump Administration. We'll go into Syria and discuss with our Syrian voice what the strike means for the Assad regime. Then we'll speak with voices in Turkey and Iran and find out what the strike means to their countries and the Middle East. Was the strike a message to North Korea and China or is the US looking to lead another "nation building" mission?
And a story that US media doesn't cover enough, the Turkey referendum. Will the Turkish citizens give Erdogan more power? We'll speak to Oguz in Turkey about the upcoming vote.

Apr 9, 2017

The debut of the global podcast hosted by Tony Femino in the U.S., and Mark Butcher in Geneva, Switzerland. This program was produced hours before Trump ordered the military strike on Syria. Hear why Mark predicted exactly what Trump was going to do. . .before he did it.

Apr 2, 2017

Tony is back from his trip abroad and ready to lead Voice to America into battle against reality journalism.
This week, the White House is expecting two world leaders, President El-Sisi from Egypt and President Jinping from China. We'll discuss what's on the docket for Trump's latest diplomatic meetings with Kareem in Egypt.
Then, we're diving into the latest NATO developments. Trump is passing out bills to NATO members asking them to pay their share. Some countries are totally fine paying the tab while others take offense to the idea of chipping in money for their defense. What will the long-term repercussions be to NATO? Is Trump unreasonable to ask for other members to pay into the pot?

Mar 26, 2017

Tony is globetrotting this week so veteran KTAR broadcaster Jim Sharpe is taking the reigns. 
This week we learned antisemitism isn't just for gentiles. We'll speak to Margot in Israel about the apprehension of the 19-year-old accused of calling in bomb threats to American Jewish Community Centers. Was it a relief to know the threats were called in by an Israeli and not the Klan? Then we'll find out what Israeli media is saying about the arrest and discuss the political climate in Israel since Trump took office. 
Then we head to the United Kingdom and speak with Professor Charlie Beckett about the latest terror attack in London. Professor Beckett was actually in parliament during the attack. We will get his perspective of how the media is covering the attacks both in Britain and internationally. Did they glorify the spectacle as American media always does or is their coverage an example for news outlets like CNN?

Mar 19, 2017

North Korea has the Trump Administration's full attention as Secretary of State Tillerson met Chinese President Xi Jinping today to discuss North Korea's latest round of missile tests. Yes, our favorite pint-sized protagonist in the region fired more missiles last week. In a statement to the press, Tillerson said the period of "strategic patience has ended." We'll speak to our analyst there and find out why China is so worried.
Then, guess who's coming to dinner? That's right, Angela Merkel, the woman popular media is calling "The Leader of The Free World" met with President Donald Trump this week. Without any wasted time, Trump brought up Obama's wire tapping of Merkel's phone. What did we tell you weeks ago when the Trump wire-tapping allegations were made? We speak to Mark in Europe and find out what the European media is saying about the Trump-Merkel meeting.
Finally, tune in to our second hour to hear our favorite Sunday morning reality journalist say a naughty word again. Apparently, Fareed Zakaria's dictionary shrinks when his emotions take over. Because to be a good journalist, you must lead with emotions.

Mar 12, 2017

The Kid Dictator fired more missiles into the Sea of Japan last week. We'll speak to Riki Ellison from the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance about the Trump Administration's subdued response. Is it possible for anything bearing the Trump name to be subdued? We'll ask Riki what he thinks will come of the latest round of tests and what he thinks Trump is trying to do about North Korea.
Then, the Dutch elections are only two days away and now Turkey has stepped into the fray, calling members of the Dutch parliament "Nazis." Sound familiar? At the same time, the Turkish government is pushing a referendum to expand Erdogan's power. We'll speak to our voice in Istanbul to find out what the Turkish government is trying to achieve by picking a fight with a the Netherlands.

Mar 5, 2017

It appears Julian Assange may be living his last days at the Ecuadorian embassy in Great Britain. With the Ecuadorian elections looming, one candidate says he will throw Assange out, the other says the Wikileaks founder can stay. What will Assange do if he is thrown out of his safe haven? We'll speak to a voice in Ecuador to find out if this is a hot-button issue with the Ecuadorian citizens or if they don't mind being Assange's safe house.

Then, there is an election looming in the Netherlands and one of the candidates is Trump in clogs. The hair, the looks, the attitude and the rhetoric, Geert Wilders has it all. But does he have what it takes to lead another anti-establishment charge in Western politics? We'll speak to our voice in Europe about what will happen if Wilders pulls a victory in the March 15th polls.

Feb 26, 2017

The battle for Mosul is heating up and it looks as if ISIS is being pushed out of its Iraqi capital. Is the caliphate in it's final days? Does the Iraqi Army have what it takes to push ISIS out of the city? We speak to our voice in Iraq and get his perspective on the push into Mosul.

Then we head around the globe to get journalists' reactions to Trump's latest battle in, as the mainstream media puts it, "the war on the media." This week at CPAC, Trump called the mainstream fake news "the enemy of the people." So why is anyone surprised he isn't going to the White House Correspondent's Dinner? How long will it take the media to realize they keep taking the bait?

Feb 19, 2017

Trump's epic press conference has gone global. If you watched the spectacle, you knew the popular media would be screaming, "The president can't say that!" We get a global perspective on the "rant and rave" press conference.

Then we'll speak to our Russian voice about the firing of Michael Flynn. What are they saying in Russia about the firing of Trump's national security advisor? Was Flynn really in deep with the Russians or is this Trump trying to appease the popular media?

Finally, we'll speak to Riki Ellison about last week's North Korean missile launch. We'll speak to him about the US response to more missile tests. Is Trump getting ready to finally take care of the Kid Dictator? What's taking so long?

Feb 12, 2017

Kim Jong Un has launched a another missile, but was he testing the missile or President Trump? This is Trump's first real international head-to-head with the kid dictator. Was it a coincidence the missile was fired while Trump was meeting with the Japanese prime minister? We'll go into the Korean DMZ to speak with our voice on the ground about what Trump's response should be.

Then we're headed to Turkey where we speak to Oguz about a possible Spring referendum to expand Erdogan's ability to deal with Trump. What would these expanded powers mean for the future of Turkey and the Middle East?

And finally, we'll discuss Bashir al-Assad's interview on Yahoo News last week. The Syrian president made the assertion that some immigrants are "definitely" terrorists. Does his assertion hold any weight in the ongoing immigration debacle in Washington?

Feb 5, 2017

n the last week, the Trump travel ban has been more on-and-off than Kanye's career. So what will the final results of Trump's most controversial executive order (to date) be? We'll speak to voices in the UK and find out what the world believes the ultimate outcome will be.

Then, what happened in Yemen this week? All we know for sure is one helicopter went down and we lost a Navy Seal. We'll speak to our voice there and find out what he knows about the US Military operation.

Finally, at Voice to America, we enjoy watching the global media disintegrate before our eyes. It's actually more entertaining than Super Bowl Sunday. We'll have plenty of clips from around the world showcasing the dinosaur media and their attempts to stay relevant with hip new stars like Oprah!

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