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Oct 30, 2016

Obama says US-backed forces will attempt to do in Raqqa, Syria what they’ve been doing in Mosul. Is this same tactic going to work inside Syria? We speak to our Syrian voice about the president’s plan and find out if it’s possible to muster up fighters for the proposed battle.
Then we analyze NATO partner Turkey’s desire to challenge the US in Iraq and Syria. We ask our Turkish voice Oguz if the support of Turkey necessary for a victory against ISIS? What does Erdogan’s Turkey hope to achieve by butting heads with the US in the region?
The latest October Surprise has captured the attention of the global media-consuming public. We’ll hear from foreign voices and find out what they think about the re-opening of Hillary’s email case.
Finally, have you ever wondered what kind of bias foreign news outlets propagates? In our Foreign Media Spotlight, we’ll look at the different media biases throughout the world.

Oct 24, 2016

Hear what Iraqis think of Obama's battle plan for Mosul. Will ISIS be defeated? And what happens if ISIS is defeated? Also, Kareem from Egypt tells us why Arab nations prefer Trump over Hillary.

Oct 16, 2016

The countdown to the battle for Mosul is on. US, British, Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish troops plan to take back ISIS’ last major territory. Will this latest battle cause another mass migration of refugees? We’ll speak to Iraqi voices to find out if ISIS will fight or flee from their Iraqi base of operations.
Then we speak to our Yemeni voice about the third attack on US Navy ships in the Red Sea in less than a week. Is this an attempt to draw the US into another war in the Middle East?
Then in a VTA special report, we compare the Brexit vote to the US election. We’ll hear from British voices on whether or not Trump has a shot at winning the election.

Oct 9, 2016

The latest presidential debate is tonight. Will the issue Putin “The Powerful” be brought center stage again? How will the world deal with the latest instances of Russian aggression? Yuri from Russia checks in and gives us his take on the latest Putin developments.
In the midst of the latest Wikileaks data dump on Hillary Clinton, the media halted any coverage of the documents in favor of the latest Donald Trump video. We go around the globe and get a foreign media spotlight on the incident that is dominating the headlines.
Finally, we’re headed to Colombia to discuss the FARC vote. Is this the latest in a long line of Brexit-like, anti-establishment voting that is sweeping the globe? We discuss FARC and the changing political mood in Colombia and around the world with a first-time voice, Richard.

Oct 2, 2016

While the battle for Aleppo rages, the US is touting ANOTHER ceasefire attempt. Are these ceasefires respected or are they just another way for the United States government to feel good about itself?
The latest push to rout-out Syrian rebels from Aleppo is proving to be the bloodiest the conflict has ever been. We speak to Syrian voice Radwan about the escalation in the region and get his perspective on whether or not this battle can be won.
Then we head into Egypt and discuss the ramifications of congress overriding the presidential veto on the 9/11 bill. By allowing victims to sue Saudi Arabia, does this open the US and other countries up to lawsuits by foreign plaintiffs?
Tune in for global reaction from Monday’s debate between Clinton and Trump. What did the world see during the debate and how did it affect each candidate’s image around the World?