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May 28, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're delving into the latest terror attack in Britain. How did British officials miss all the red flags? London's mayor said terror attacks are "Part and parcel of big city life." Was security doing all it could to protect the people or were they ignore the signs that a large attack was imminent? We'll speak to our terror expert Tawfik Hamid and find out where they went wrong and what needs to be done to prevent this kind of attack from happening again. The question is, will officials listen to people like Tawfik?
Then, President Trump returns from his first overseas trip as president. We'll speak to Mark in Europe and backtrack Trump's trek to find out how people in Europe think the new president did.
And finally, in the Change is Hard segment, our old friend Billy Bush is taking the apology tour. He is so sorry that he did what any of us would do if we lost our job with a multi-million dollar severance package: walk on hot coals with Tony Robbins.

May 25, 2017

How did terrorists once again elude security and strike a concert hall in the UK? Why are the US and UK now fighting over the investigation? Is Trump charming the world on his big trip? Mark offers a vital Euro perspective, and Tony offers an American take on these quickly unfolding global stories.

May 21, 2017

This week we're starting in the Middle East where President Trump just delivered a speech in Saudi Arabia. After speaking to "all Muslims" as Obama did, we learn Trump's plans for Iran. What does this speech mean for the future of Iran and the region? We speak to Kamran, our Iranian voice, and get his take on the Trump trip. Also, was the most important part of the appearance Ivanka and Melania going hijab-less?
I guess you could skip this part but surprise! Kim Jong Un fired another missile. Is there an endgame to this or is he launching missiles because he can?
CNN sends their heavy hitters up to bat for the status quo. Fareed "B.S." Zakaria and Anderson "Pooper" Cooper are aiming for the stands in the world series of reality journalism After last week's two scoop tussle and Anderson's eye roll, CNN has lowered the bar again to desk defecation. Is an Oprah wannabe playing journalist supposed to raise the credibility of the mainstream media?
Finally, we look into the WikiLeaks dump on Macron. It appears the "blame the messenger" strategy employed by the Democrats here in America actually worked in France. What does this say about the French? Is the public purposely ignoring the data dump or are the constant denial and Russia blame game actually working?

May 20, 2017

Trump embarks on his 1st foreign trip as pressure builds surrounding the Russia investigation. Mark says Euro media are framing Trump’s visit in gloom-and-doom terms. Tony wants to know why no media are reporting on the hack into French president Macron’s campaign.

May 14, 2017

Today, we're headed into North Korea, where in a shocking turn of events, everyone's favorite bowl-cutted leader has successfully fired a missile. This time the missile made it into the target. What does this mean for the region now that his latest model missile is operational? We'll speak to missile defense expert Riki Ellison and find out Trump needs do now that the kid dictator has a working missile.
Then we're setting off for Iran for an election, but this time there's no Trump look alike. We'll speak to our Iranian voice Hooshang about who the people want, then we'll discover what the people will get. Plus, what does this mean for the nuclear deal signed by Obama?
And finally, the most important and earth-shattering part of today's show: How many scoops of B&R should the president be allowed to have? We get twelve experts in studio for an enthralling, world-changing debate. Listen as our experts compare Trump's ice cream inhalation to Merkel, Macron, Putin and Kim Jong Un. If you remember, Nixon used to get three scoops at bedtime, is that a coincidence? I think not!

May 7, 2017

The French elections are today and we'll be checking in with Mark in Europe as the polls close. Will the French be able to make a change or will they stick with the establishment, non-establishment Macron? Even the U.S. is getting involved, Trump endorsed Le Pen and Obama endorsed Macron. And who said the Russians were the only ones meddling in foreign elections?
Then we're headed to Israel to speak with Margot about Trump's first foreign trip since taking office. Can he really, as he put it, easily broker a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians? What do Israelis think of Trump's statements after meeting with Palestinian leaders?

May 5, 2017

The populist movement is up for vote in France. Find out who voters favor in the run-up. Is the front-runner really married to his school teacher?