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Apr 30, 2017

This week on Voice to America, we're headed across the Pacific to everyone's favorite pint-sized paranoid despot, Kim Jong Un. Yes, the kid dictator has fired another dud. But we've seen all the other successful tests, so why are their latest missiles falling from the sky? We call on our missile defense expert RIki Ellison once again as tensions between North Korea and China become even more heated. What is the final game plan and what will Trump need to do to make sure North Korea's nuclear program is contained?
As we like to say here at Voice to America, change is hard. But do the French have what it takes to take the leap into something new? We'll report the latest from French popular media, I'm sure you'll be surprised at which candidate they're backing.

Apr 23, 2017

The French head to the polls today, will Marine Le Pen signal the end for the European Union as we know it? The polls close at 11:00 a.m. Phoenix time. We'll speak to Mark in France, the other half of VTA Presents: Across The Pond Podcast, and find out if he thinks Le Pen has a chance. Do you remember November 7, 2016 when the American popular media was sure Trump had no chance?
Then, the UK prime minister has called for a snap election in June after saying she wouldn't hold any surprise snap elections. Why did she reverse her stance on snap elections? What will this election mean for Brexit?
Finally, the Taliban is back and the US military in Afghanistan wants Trump to send more men into the fight. We'll speak to our voice there about the latest attack and find out if a troop surge is what's needed.

Apr 21, 2017

Mark tells Tony what the mood is in France for Sunday's elections. Will Le Pen win? Also, Turkey votes to give Erdogan dictatorial-like powers. Bad news for Europe.

Apr 16, 2017

There is no shortage of news this Easter weekend. The Mother of All Bombs strikes ISIS, a North Korean missile test flopped and a Turkish referendum have made for a jam-packed show.
We're headed to the Korean DMZ this morning and track down our missile defense analyst Riki Ellison. We want to know what really happened at the missile test yesterday. What did the pint-sized Glorious Leader attempt to achieve with this latest stunt? We'll delve into the test and get Riki's reasoning behind why he says it's a victory for the Trump Administration.
Then we're going to Turkey, where a referendum is underway that could give President Erdogan sweeping power over the Turkish government. We'll speak to voices in the region about the latest power grab and what it means for Turkey and the world if Erdogan gets his wish.
And finally, US/Russia relations are at a low point. How can this be when reality journalists like Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow say Trump and Putin are best buddies? Yuri joins us for a Russian perspective on the last two weeks of military action and what it means for both countries.

Apr 9, 2017

Trump takes action in the middle east and he isn't following the Obama Administration's "red line" approach. But attacking Syrian targets and Tillerson talking about regime change is a major flip-flop for the Trump Administration. We'll go into Syria and discuss with our Syrian voice what the strike means for the Assad regime. Then we'll speak with voices in Turkey and Iran and find out what the strike means to their countries and the Middle East. Was the strike a message to North Korea and China or is the US looking to lead another "nation building" mission?
And a story that US media doesn't cover enough, the Turkey referendum. Will the Turkish citizens give Erdogan more power? We'll speak to Oguz in Turkey about the upcoming vote.

Apr 9, 2017

The debut of the global podcast hosted by Tony Femino in the U.S., and Mark Butcher in Geneva, Switzerland. This program was produced hours before Trump ordered the military strike on Syria. Hear why Mark predicted exactly what Trump was going to do. . .before he did it.

Apr 2, 2017

Tony is back from his trip abroad and ready to lead Voice to America into battle against reality journalism.
This week, the White House is expecting two world leaders, President El-Sisi from Egypt and President Jinping from China. We'll discuss what's on the docket for Trump's latest diplomatic meetings with Kareem in Egypt.
Then, we're diving into the latest NATO developments. Trump is passing out bills to NATO members asking them to pay their share. Some countries are totally fine paying the tab while others take offense to the idea of chipping in money for their defense. What will the long-term repercussions be to NATO? Is Trump unreasonable to ask for other members to pay into the pot?