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Oct 2, 2016

While the battle for Aleppo rages, the US is touting ANOTHER ceasefire attempt. Are these ceasefires respected or are they just another way for the United States government to feel good about itself?
The latest push to rout-out Syrian rebels from Aleppo is proving to be the bloodiest the conflict has ever been. We speak to Syrian voice Radwan about the escalation in the region and get his perspective on whether or not this battle can be won.
Then we head into Egypt and discuss the ramifications of congress overriding the presidential veto on the 9/11 bill. By allowing victims to sue Saudi Arabia, does this open the US and other countries up to lawsuits by foreign plaintiffs?
Tune in for global reaction from Monday’s debate between Clinton and Trump. What did the world see during the debate and how did it affect each candidate’s image around the World?

Sep 25, 2016

This Monday, Trump and Hillary take the stage during the first of three presidential debates. Most Americans can predict the questions that will be asked by the US media, but what questions does the world want to ask the candidates? We ask our voices to weigh in; and depending on where they are from, some questions may surprise you.
Then we discuss last week's terror attacks with VTA terror analyst Tawfik. How could the FBI ignore the calls from a father who is worried his son was radicalized? Tawfik recovered from radicalization and has a few common sense steps the US government can take to prevent another Islamic terror attack.

Sep 18, 2016

Last night, five bombs were found in New York City and New Jersey, then a knife attack in Minnesota, all within hours of each other. Is this the work of ISIS, a local terrorist group or something else entirely? We speak to voices in Europe, where terror attacks like these are commonplace and find out how they affect day-to-day life
Then we discuss the not-so-ceasefire in Syria, where the US military bombed what they thought were ISIS fighters. Unbeknownst to the US, the targeted soldiers were actually Syrian troops and the Russians are not happy. We speak to our Turkish voice and get his take on the latest ceasefire blunder.

Sep 11, 2016

This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 and we’re speaking to the very first Voice to America voice, Rashed on the Afghan-Pakistan border. We’ll find out what he remembers about that time along with what has changed for him after a fifteen-year war on terror.
Then we do our best to answer Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s question, “What is Aleppo?” We’ll speak to our Syrian voice about the latest ceasefire. Is this the real one or just another shallow agreement?
And finally, what show would be complete without Kim Jong Un? Yes, the kid dictator must feel left out of the global news spotlight, so why not launch another nuke?

Sep 4, 2016

Mexican president Pena Nieto invited the US candidates for a visit to Mexico. Donald Trump accepted but Hillary declined. Is this visit the reason for Trump’s climb in the polls? We’ll speak to our Mexican voices and find out what their reactions were to the Donald going South of the border.
Also, Obama was at the G20 conference but instead of getting the hero’s welcome, Obama was snubbed by the Chinese. They didn’t offer him the red carpet or stairs he is used to, forcing the President to exit the ass of the aircraft. What was China’s reasoning behind such a cold greeting? We’ll get a Turkish perspective on the latest presidential diss.

Aug 28, 2016

On today's show we speak to Riki Ellison from the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance about the latest round of North Korean missile tests. Has relaxed US policy allowed the kid dictator to develop even more effective nuclear missiles?
Then Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit movement, spoke at a rally for Donald Trump. Farage likened the Brexit movement to The Donald’s candidacy. We speak to our Euro voices about the parallels between Trump and Brexit.
Finally, we speak to a member of Iraqi Parliament about the latest move to recapture Iraq’s second largest city. Voice to America has reported on this for months, wondering if and when Mosul would be liberated from ISIS.

Aug 21, 2016

Good morning Voice to America fans!
We’re investigating Obama’s 400 million dollar payment to Iran. This week the American public discovered the money was tied directly to the hostage release. We speak to our Iranian voice Hooshang about what this means for the Iran nuke deal and current sanction policies.
Then we’re Turkey-bound where Vice President Biden will be negotiating the possible extradition of Gulen, the man Turkish president Erdogan says ignited the attempted coup in Turkey earlier this summer. Now that the US government is paying ransoms, maybe it’s time we start extraditing people just because other governments say so.
And finally we’ll get a global reaction to the now infamous Olympic swimmer bathroom pit stop.

Aug 14, 2016

Is America a dangerous place to visit? Increasingly, foreign nations are issuing travel warnings for the U.S. Gun violence, police violence, racial violence, Islamophobia, anti-gay behavior, zika. . .the list gets longer each week. Hear from people outside America if they think the warnings are legit. Also, we talk to Oguz in Istanbul about Erdogan's ultimatum to Obama. Are Turkey and the US about to divorce?

Aug 7, 2016

Today we focus on the media circus that is Khizr Khan. You remember, the man who spoke at the DNC about losing his son in the military? Well, after a whirlwind US media tour, he is making the rounds in the Middle East. We'll speak to a Pakistani about his reception overseas and what this may mean for Donald Trump.
Then we'll dig into the latest Iran controversy: Did Obama really pay a $400,000,000 ransom to the mullahs? We speak to an Iranian voice about how this story is playing out in his home country and if the Iranian government is still, as Obama puts it, "trustworthy."

Jul 31, 2016

Are the Russians determined to sway the US elections or are we looking for a twenty six year-old boogie man? Amid rampant speculation by the American popular media, Voice to America will get the straight talk from an actual Russian political scientist. The Russians seem like the perfect smoke screen for the DNC amid Julian Assange's resurgence.
Then we head from the Kremlin and speak to our French voice Mark about the heightened instances of terror throughout Europe. We'll find out what is or is not being done and what the people of Europe are saying about the current methods authorities are using to thwart terror.
Finally, it wasn't just US citizens who tuned in for the conventions, people around the world paid close attention to the drama these past two weeks. Voice to America will focus on foreign media's coverage of the three ring circuses we call conventions.

Jul 24, 2016

On today's show we discuss strategies to defeat ISIS with terror analyst Tawfik Hamid. Tawfik was a former radicalized Muslim under Al-Zawahiri the current head of Al Qaeda. We'll find out which plan will yield the best results in the global war on terror.
Then we get a global perspective on Trump's nomination at the GOP convention last week and talk about his plans for "extreme vetting" of immigrants heading to the US.
We'll speak to our Afghani voice about the recent attack in Kabul. How did ISIS establish a stronghold in the region?

Jul 17, 2016

The Turkish president said an imam in Pennsylvania orchestrated the attempted coup in Turkey last week. President Erdogan is demanding the US hand the him over to Turkey or else. We'll talk to our Turkish voices Oguz and Kareem about the allegations, the possible fallout and what Obama's response should be.
After the most recent round of European terror attacks, the security state seems to be an inevitability in Europe and America. To get an honest perspective of what it's like living in with checkpoints and mandatory inspections, we'll speak to an Israeli voice about what it's like to live in a heavily secured society.

Jul 10, 2016

Welcome to the Wild West. That's what three countries think of the United States in the wake of the Dallas Massacre. The Bahamas, the UAE and Bahrain have issued warnings to citizens traveling to the US. With the police shootings, Black Lives Matter protesters, gun violence and terrorist attacks, some governments think the US is more of a war zone than a travel destination. Are these legitimate travel warnings or is the US getting a taste of her own medicine?
Obama said "Europe can count on the US," after a series of high-profile NATO meetings this week in Poland. He cited Russian aggression and the flow of immigrants as reasons for solidarity. Is the president just saying what NATO wants to hear or does he truly support plans to halt the Red Army's aggression?
You've heard of taking over the family business, but the Bin Laden family business? Looks like one of Osama's sons is old enough to start running his own terror network. Yes, you read that right, we have another Bin Laden to worry about only this time he's out to "avenge" his father's death.

Jul 3, 2016

On today's show we're focusing on the Ramadan Massacres taking place throughout the Middle East. Our Iraqi voice, Khanna says the bombings in Baghdad are being played down by the US media. The New York Times is reporting 120 people were killed in the Sunday attack, but our voice says it's much closer to 200.
Then we're headed to Turkey to speak with returning guest Oguz about the Istanbul airport attacks which left more than 45 people dead. He'll explain why he thinks the Turkish government is in bed with ISIS.
Finally, we're speaking with a Bangladeshi voice about the cafe attacks where more than 20 people lost their lives last week.
Apparently we are supposed to sit back and listen to the mainstream media push a polished, packaged version of the truth: that ISIS is far from being eliminated.

Jun 27, 2016

The popular media dubbed Britain's "shocking" exit from the EU the "Brexit." Maybe a cute name can hide the truth: the public is fed up with the way the world is working. Meanwhile Americans are left wondering if what happened to the EU last week is just a preview of the upcoming 2016 Election?
We'll speak to a Russian voice to see what the disintegration of the European Union means to Putin The Powerful.
It appears Kim Jong Un hates the world's focus being on anyone else. The Kid Dictator threw a missile tantrum and threatened the United States...Again.

Jun 20, 2016

On today's show Tony will cover the Middle East's reaction to the Orlando mass shooting as well as how the foreign media portrays the incident.
With the fallout from last Sunday's shooting, Trump is on the campaign trail calling for a US immigration overhaul. Is this the best way to ensure America's security?
This week, the president escalated the NATO presence in Europe. Is this an appropriate response to Russia's aggression in the region? What will Putin actually do?

Jun 17, 2016

TERROR IN FLA: Gay nightclub targeted. . .At least 50 dead. . .Omar Saddiq Mateen ID’d as killer. . .Police suspect radical Islamic motives. Hear global reaction from VTA’s voices in Europe, Middle East.

TEAM PLAYER: al-Qaeda chief pledges allegiance to Taliban. . .Simpatico with new Taleb leader. . .Will this change terror? How does this impact US troops in Af-Pak? The drone war? Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Af-Pak.

BREXIT: Polls show UK voters want exit from EU. . .Cameron nervous. . .What impact could UK exit have? Impact on US? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

NATO-RIOUS: Obama plays war games in Poland. . .Putin threatens retaliation for NATO build-up. What is Putin prepared to do? Hear from VTA’s Russian voices.

Jun 6, 2016

GOAT: Ali passes. . .Global impact on Islam, civil rights, war & sports. . .Hear from VTA’s “citizen journalists” in Africa, Middle East, Europe.

ISIS ALERT: US embassy in S Africa warns of “near-term” attacks against Americans. . .Europe also on alert.  VTA special report.

BATTLE FALLUJAH, RAQQA: ISIS strongholds threatened by variety of forces. . .If these cities fall, can ISIS survive? Hear from VTA’s Iraqi voices.

Jun 6, 2016

CANCEL? Doctors, scientists organize and call for Olympics to be canceled or moved due to Zika. . .How bad is it? Hear from VTA’s voices in Brazil.

TERROR SUPPORT? US forces in Syria wear Kurd patches. . .Turkey accuses US of supporting terror group. . .Is YPG a terror group? Hear from VTA’s Turkish voices.

MEET THE NEW BOSS: Taliban name new leader after US kills old leader. . .Will this help Obama negotiate a peace deal? VTA special report.

Jun 6, 2016

DRONED: US kills Taliban leader in Af-Pak. . .Afghan government confirms kill. . .What impact will his death have? Hear from VTA’s Af-Pak voices.

EGYPTAIR: What caused the crash? What impact will this have on airport security? Hear from VTA’s Egyptian & Euro voices.

SECRET SYRIAN VISIT: Top US commander visits Syria. . .Why? VTA special report.

FAR RIGHT: Austrians on brink of electing 1st ultra-conservative president since WW2. . .Immigration is key issue. . .Is this a tipping point for Europe? For America? Hear from VTA’s Euro voices.

May 20, 2016

ISIS declares a state of emergency in Syria. Is ISIS running for cover or is the American populous being lied to again?

Then we speak to a Mexican voice about the latest American election-related developments South of the border.

Finally we'll discuss the Holocaust cartoon contest in Iran. You know, The United States' latest ally? Now that Iran has American backing, this seems like the best time for what they call, "freedom of expression."

May 15, 2016

London just elected its first Muslim mayor. We'll discuss the election outcome with our British correspondent.

This week, more details about the Iran nuclear deal became public and it's clear that the American people were fleeced by the Obama administration. One of Obama's aides criticized the media's lack of coverage in the region. We'll talk to our Iranian voice about what actually happened in the nuclear deal and their election.

Apr 28, 2016

North Korea has tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Voice to America speaks to defense analyst Riki Ellington about what this latest test means to the rest of the world.

Then we're speaking to our British voice about the UK's vote to leave the EU and what the US is doing behind the scenes to prevent a Brexit.

Apr 20, 2016

On this week's show, we speak to a voice in the Middle East about Obama's trip to visit the Saudi King and what the release of the 28 missing pages could mean for the United States' relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Then we're headed south of the equator where the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff is trying to prevent her impeachment. We'll discuss the ramifications of a new election and why it's important to the world.

Also, there are reports that the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is littered with Al-Qaeda fighters. We'll discuss the news with our Pakistani voice and figure out why there's a "resurgence" in the area.

Apr 14, 2016

This week we've got the Panama Papers in the VTA crosshairs. Why aren't any Americans being named?

We're also discussing North Korea's new missile which Un claims can reach the continental United States. And finally, we're continuing the series on how the world views the US elections.

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