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Apr 2, 2017

Tony is back from his trip abroad and ready to lead Voice to America into battle against reality journalism.
This week, the White House is expecting two world leaders, President El-Sisi from Egypt and President Jinping from China. We'll discuss what's on the docket for Trump's latest diplomatic meetings with Kareem in Egypt.
Then, we're diving into the latest NATO developments. Trump is passing out bills to NATO members asking them to pay their share. Some countries are totally fine paying the tab while others take offense to the idea of chipping in money for their defense. What will the long-term repercussions be to NATO? Is Trump unreasonable to ask for other members to pay into the pot?

Mar 26, 2017

Tony is globetrotting this week so veteran KTAR broadcaster Jim Sharpe is taking the reigns. 
This week we learned antisemitism isn't just for gentiles. We'll speak to Margot in Israel about the apprehension of the 19-year-old accused of calling in bomb threats to American Jewish Community Centers. Was it a relief to know the threats were called in by an Israeli and not the Klan? Then we'll find out what Israeli media is saying about the arrest and discuss the political climate in Israel since Trump took office. 
Then we head to the United Kingdom and speak with Professor Charlie Beckett about the latest terror attack in London. Professor Beckett was actually in parliament during the attack. We will get his perspective of how the media is covering the attacks both in Britain and internationally. Did they glorify the spectacle as American media always does or is their coverage an example for news outlets like CNN?

Mar 19, 2017

North Korea has the Trump Administration's full attention as Secretary of State Tillerson met Chinese President Xi Jinping today to discuss North Korea's latest round of missile tests. Yes, our favorite pint-sized protagonist in the region fired more missiles last week. In a statement to the press, Tillerson said the period of "strategic patience has ended." We'll speak to our analyst there and find out why China is so worried.
Then, guess who's coming to dinner? That's right, Angela Merkel, the woman popular media is calling "The Leader of The Free World" met with President Donald Trump this week. Without any wasted time, Trump brought up Obama's wire tapping of Merkel's phone. What did we tell you weeks ago when the Trump wire-tapping allegations were made? We speak to Mark in Europe and find out what the European media is saying about the Trump-Merkel meeting.
Finally, tune in to our second hour to hear our favorite Sunday morning reality journalist say a naughty word again. Apparently, Fareed Zakaria's dictionary shrinks when his emotions take over. Because to be a good journalist, you must lead with emotions.

Mar 12, 2017

The Kid Dictator fired more missiles into the Sea of Japan last week. We'll speak to Riki Ellison from the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance about the Trump Administration's subdued response. Is it possible for anything bearing the Trump name to be subdued? We'll ask Riki what he thinks will come of the latest round of tests and what he thinks Trump is trying to do about North Korea.
Then, the Dutch elections are only two days away and now Turkey has stepped into the fray, calling members of the Dutch parliament "Nazis." Sound familiar? At the same time, the Turkish government is pushing a referendum to expand Erdogan's power. We'll speak to our voice in Istanbul to find out what the Turkish government is trying to achieve by picking a fight with a the Netherlands.

Mar 5, 2017

It appears Julian Assange may be living his last days at the Ecuadorian embassy in Great Britain. With the Ecuadorian elections looming, one candidate says he will throw Assange out, the other says the Wikileaks founder can stay. What will Assange do if he is thrown out of his safe haven? We'll speak to a voice in Ecuador to find out if this is a hot-button issue with the Ecuadorian citizens or if they don't mind being Assange's safe house.

Then, there is an election looming in the Netherlands and one of the candidates is Trump in clogs. The hair, the looks, the attitude and the rhetoric, Geert Wilders has it all. But does he have what it takes to lead another anti-establishment charge in Western politics? We'll speak to our voice in Europe about what will happen if Wilders pulls a victory in the March 15th polls.

Feb 26, 2017

The battle for Mosul is heating up and it looks as if ISIS is being pushed out of its Iraqi capital. Is the caliphate in it's final days? Does the Iraqi Army have what it takes to push ISIS out of the city? We speak to our voice in Iraq and get his perspective on the push into Mosul.

Then we head around the globe to get journalists' reactions to Trump's latest battle in, as the mainstream media puts it, "the war on the media." This week at CPAC, Trump called the mainstream fake news "the enemy of the people." So why is anyone surprised he isn't going to the White House Correspondent's Dinner? How long will it take the media to realize they keep taking the bait?

Feb 19, 2017

Trump's epic press conference has gone global. If you watched the spectacle, you knew the popular media would be screaming, "The president can't say that!" We get a global perspective on the "rant and rave" press conference.

Then we'll speak to our Russian voice about the firing of Michael Flynn. What are they saying in Russia about the firing of Trump's national security advisor? Was Flynn really in deep with the Russians or is this Trump trying to appease the popular media?

Finally, we'll speak to Riki Ellison about last week's North Korean missile launch. We'll speak to him about the US response to more missile tests. Is Trump getting ready to finally take care of the Kid Dictator? What's taking so long?

Feb 12, 2017

Kim Jong Un has launched a another missile, but was he testing the missile or President Trump? This is Trump's first real international head-to-head with the kid dictator. Was it a coincidence the missile was fired while Trump was meeting with the Japanese prime minister? We'll go into the Korean DMZ to speak with our voice on the ground about what Trump's response should be.

Then we're headed to Turkey where we speak to Oguz about a possible Spring referendum to expand Erdogan's ability to deal with Trump. What would these expanded powers mean for the future of Turkey and the Middle East?

And finally, we'll discuss Bashir al-Assad's interview on Yahoo News last week. The Syrian president made the assertion that some immigrants are "definitely" terrorists. Does his assertion hold any weight in the ongoing immigration debacle in Washington?

Feb 5, 2017

n the last week, the Trump travel ban has been more on-and-off than Kanye's career. So what will the final results of Trump's most controversial executive order (to date) be? We'll speak to voices in the UK and find out what the world believes the ultimate outcome will be.

Then, what happened in Yemen this week? All we know for sure is one helicopter went down and we lost a Navy Seal. We'll speak to our voice there and find out what he knows about the US Military operation.

Finally, at Voice to America, we enjoy watching the global media disintegrate before our eyes. It's actually more entertaining than Super Bowl Sunday. We'll have plenty of clips from around the world showcasing the dinosaur media and their attempts to stay relevant with hip new stars like Oprah!

Jan 29, 2017

President Trump hit the ground running this week signing an executive order restricting travelers from several countries in the Middle East and Africa. We speak to voices in Iraq and Iran to discover what folks in the affected countries think about the ban. Is this a Muslim ban in disguise? Our Iranian voice says, "If it walks like a duck, barks like a duck and smells like a duck, it's probably a duck." We'll ask both guests if that's true.

Then we'll discuss what most people thought was the most controversial executive order yet, the border wall. Now the presidents of both countries are tweeting about each other. What will the wall do to Mexican-American relations? We'll speak to our Mexican voice and get his perspective on the Great Wall of Trump.

Jan 22, 2017

It's over, Donald Trump is the President of the United States and half of the world is freaking out. Protesters took to the street in marches against the incoming administration. We know about the women's marches here in the US, but what about the rest of the world? We'll speak to Mark in Europe and Kareem in Egypt about how their part of the world sees the new president.
Then stay tuned for in-depth analysis of the inauguration media-fed freak-outs. Are all of these videos real, or are they fake news? Also, are we to trust any of these new polls by the mainstream media? We know how on-point they were with the election, why is this any different?

Jan 15, 2017

As President Trump gets ready to take the reigns from Obama, the world is wondering what will be different under a Trump presidency. What does the global community expect from a man who is the antithesis of the outgoing president? Will the Iran nuke deal be history? Can Trump put a cap on the debacle in Syria? And what do Europeans think about the future of NATO and immigration in a Trump administration? We’ll head around the globe and speak to voices in Syria, Iran and Europe and find out what they expect from President Trump.

Did you see the epic battle between Trump and CNN this week? We’ll be discussing the repercussions from this latest scuffle in our continuing coverage of reality journalism. What the mainstream press considers “fact checking” isn’t necessarily fact checking, but that’s nothing new for Voice to America listeners. We’ve been saying that for over 15 years. And now the press' inability to gather accurate information is going mainstream.

Jan 8, 2017

Last night in Jerusalem, another truck attack killed four and injured dozens. We speak to voices on the ground in Israel and get local reaction to this act of terrorism.

Then we'll speak to Riki Ellison, from the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, about the latest from North Korea and "Kid Dictator" Kim Jong-un's latest ICBM test. Find out why the pint-sized protagonist is attempting tests before Trump's inauguration. 

Then join us during the second hour live stream segment, where we'll be discussing the latest Russian hack fear mongering by the mainstream press. The public knows there's a problem, if our government computers are apparently wide open, what are they doing to stop foreign hackers? Maybe a few special characters or emojis need to be added to our politicians' passwords?

Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!
We missed you last week and we have a lot of catching up to do. The US dealt with ISIS threats during the holiday season celebrations, a Turkish policeman assassinated a Russian ambassador and Obama did everything he could to leave a geopolitical mess for the incoming administration.
On today's show we speak to our Turkish voice Oguz about the catastrophic attacks in Istanbul last night during a New Year's celebration. We'll learn how the Turkish government is handling its media in the wake of the terrorist attack.
Then we will discuss Obama and Kerry's Israel snub at the United Nations this week. What does this mean for our only ally in the region? Margot checks in and gives us an Israeli perspective on the UN decision to force an evacuation of settlements in the West Bank.

Dec 18, 2016

This week, Obama called out Putin during his last press conference from the white house, promising retaliation for the hacked election. What do these latest threats accomplish this late in the game? We speak to our Russian voice about the growing tensions with the US and find out what the Russian public thinks about Obama's latest "line in the sand."
Then we head to Syria where the battle for Aleppo is raging. Iran has jumped into the fray feet first. We speak with our voices in the region to find out what Iran has planned for the future of Syria and what's in it for them.

Dec 11, 2016

This week on Voice to America we have a live studio guest during the Facebook Live streaming portion of the show. Ivo, one of our European voices, will be in studio to weigh in on the anti-establishment movement that is sweeping Europe.
Then we’ll be covering the latest in the epidemic of fake news with our Russian voice. The establishment media is doubling down on their incorrect election prediction by claiming Russia directly hacked the voting machines. Do Russians think their government had anything to do with a Trump win?
Then we’re headed to Turkey, where another terror attack has taken place. The media says the Kurds are behind the stadium bombing. We’ll speak to our Turkish voice and find out what it’s like right now in Istanbul.

Dec 4, 2016

Europeans head to the polls today to cast their votes in two countries. The same sentiment we’ve seen in America with Trump and Britain with Brexit is spilling over into Austria and Italy.
We speak to voices in Italy about the referendum vote, which could lead to the current prime minister stepping down. If the vote is no, many in the establishment media claim consequences could include a horrible banking crisis.
Then we head to Austria where a “too close to call” presidential election is taking place. Will the Austrian voters push back like other countries have this election season?

Nov 27, 2016

Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba, died this week. Relations between the communist country and the US have gotten better in the last few years under Obama. The big questions are: What will Trump do? And should Obama attend the funeral? We speak to voices inside the island nation to get reactions to Castro's death.
Then, each of Trump's cabinet picks are felt throughout the world. We get reactions in our Global Media Spotlight and find out if Reality Journalism is alive and well in a post-election world.

Nov 20, 2016

Welcome to what Obama, Merkel and establishment politicians call "fake news." This not-so-new form of propaganda is plaguing the world, causing the destruction of democracy world wide. That's basically what Obama said in a press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel. We've been telling you about the fake news for a long time on the Voice to America program and today, we'll dive in head first (again) in the battle against the "new" problem of fake news.
Then we're traveling around the globe, getting world perspective on the president elect. World leaders are calling in to congratulate Trump on his victory, saying they can't wait to work with him. Is this just business as usual, or were they bashing Trump from the beginning in case the establishment won? We'll speak to Egyptian and Israeli voices about what their leaders and people think about the president elect and any hopes they have for future relations with the US.

Nov 13, 2016

It's over. The mainstream media said it could never happen, but trump claimed victory in last Tuesday's election. CNN contributor Van Jones called Trump's victory a 'whitelash,' stirring riots and protests throughout the country. They saw what happened in Britain and what is happening in Europe, but they continued to say Trump had no chance. How could the mainstream media have been so wrong about what the people wanted?
What about the foreign media? On this special edition of Voice to America, we will be focusing and discussing the global media's coverage of the historic election. Then we're headed around the globe to our foreign voices. We'll be speaking to regular citizens from Russia, Mexico and the Middle East about what they see in the future during a Trump presidency.

Nov 10, 2016

Tony talks to voices in Europe and Mexico in the immediate aftermath of the election. Ivo from Slovakia says he saw Trump's win coming, but Jorge from Mexico thought Hillary would win. Will Trump really build a wall? Will NAFTA be scuttled? Listen to find out.

Nov 6, 2016

Well folks, we’re two days out from the election. The American election is indeed a global affair, so we’re spanning the planet to get final thoughts about the candidates. Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Middle East weigh in on the future of our country and the world as of November 8th.
Then we’ll discuss the newly released Julian Assange interview. The latest batch of emails show the US government knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding ISIS. Was anyone surprised? These emails just confirm what we already suspected, but what does the Saudi and Qatari connection to The Clinton Foundation mean for the world?

Oct 30, 2016

Obama says US-backed forces will attempt to do in Raqqa, Syria what they’ve been doing in Mosul. Is this same tactic going to work inside Syria? We speak to our Syrian voice about the president’s plan and find out if it’s possible to muster up fighters for the proposed battle.
Then we analyze NATO partner Turkey’s desire to challenge the US in Iraq and Syria. We ask our Turkish voice Oguz if the support of Turkey necessary for a victory against ISIS? What does Erdogan’s Turkey hope to achieve by butting heads with the US in the region?
The latest October Surprise has captured the attention of the global media-consuming public. We’ll hear from foreign voices and find out what they think about the re-opening of Hillary’s email case.
Finally, have you ever wondered what kind of bias foreign news outlets propagates? In our Foreign Media Spotlight, we’ll look at the different media biases throughout the world.

Oct 24, 2016

Hear what Iraqis think of Obama's battle plan for Mosul. Will ISIS be defeated? And what happens if ISIS is defeated? Also, Kareem from Egypt tells us why Arab nations prefer Trump over Hillary.

Oct 16, 2016

The countdown to the battle for Mosul is on. US, British, Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish troops plan to take back ISIS’ last major territory. Will this latest battle cause another mass migration of refugees? We’ll speak to Iraqi voices to find out if ISIS will fight or flee from their Iraqi base of operations.
Then we speak to our Yemeni voice about the third attack on US Navy ships in the Red Sea in less than a week. Is this an attempt to draw the US into another war in the Middle East?
Then in a VTA special report, we compare the Brexit vote to the US election. We’ll hear from British voices on whether or not Trump has a shot at winning the election.

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